Our Investment

The Philosophy
After a certain stage of wealth creation, wealth preservation and diversification becomes an increasingly paramount and equally challenging undertaking.

Having a huge percentage of capital in a single currency, especially that of an emerging market can be risky. Factors such as currency loss and depreciation risks lead to a stunted growth of your wealth.

Traditionally the property market does provide an inflation hedge within the realm of the emerging market currency. But with the currency itself depreciating against stronger currencies worldwide, the performance of your onshore investments can only be deemed successful when it beats domestic inflation and holds up against the depreciating currency of an emerging market!

The truth

Your onshore asset will need to perform extraordinarily which only happens when you take an extra ordinary risk. So the questions to ask are, how do you…

  • Preserve and grow wealth in real dollar terms?

  • Hedge effectively to save toward a foreign education cost for your child’s future?

  • Plan your retirement that ensures sufficient savings?

  • Invest so that you leave a substantial inheritance for your family?

We address such valid financial questions and help you craft a wealth creation process designed to your needs.

The Model
We push the 3 primary drivers of growth-
capital appreciation, currency appreciation
and rental income.

Property Offshore

Effectively utilizes the power of leverage which has an over-arching effect on the long-terms returns from your asset.

Own a higher gross asset value for the same amount of equity deployed on a domestic property (and also as a result, hold much more foreign currency for the same level of investment).

It diversifies your wealth from the political and currency risk that your current investments are already exposed to in your home country.

A simple leverage on a positively geared asset increases both the asset value and your foreign currency holding in one shot! That’s why we believe “It’s not all about how much you have…it’s what you do with it that counts.”

Based on the above mentioned facts and our understanding of wealth leverage,Adventum has identified developed markets from around the world,namely across United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America,where yields on property are greater than the costs of borrowing against that property.

-Capital growth is slower in developed markets (as opposed to the swings seen in emerging markets) but the biggest support of growth in such markets is the escalation resulting from forex appreciation.

-Properties yield more than their borrowing cost which is why banks are happy to lend against them to a much higher loan to value than banks in emerging markets given the same levels of income.

- A buy-to-let model where you invest an initial sum in the property and your interest and your monthly obligation to the bank is paid by the revenue you generate from your tenant, ensuring a regulated cash flow process.

-Get a dual advantage as the value of your property rises over time and so does the value of a strong foreign currency such as the USD or GBP.

The Markets We Target